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dead racists

A Sodomongic Gamoragaganza:

I thought an unfortunate confluence of atmospheric events caused hurricanes, but apparently it's common knowledge by many people, Mr. Marcavage and Rev. Pat Robertson included, that butt bouncing and bumping causes the heavens to unload their wet wrath on both the land and the seas.

I was a little offended by this, thinking that once again another nut job, with far too much time on his hands, delusions of grandeur, and poor fashion sense was scoring media face-time off the pain and suffering of the poor.

But then I pondered deeply the power that me and my brethren held deep in our... well you know where.. and decided in a flash to embrace stone age logic. For if several hundred thousand humpin' homos can level a city, what might a few hundred do to a hate spewing organization?


I think a few couples, or triples, or quintuples (I'm really open-minded about these things) undulating on the mauve shag carpeting of RA's office / rumpus room would be more than enough to summon a sizable storm inside and spew hail and ice over membership rolls, floppy disks and the odd stack of Jack Chick tracts.

I think we should get on this right away.